Liguo Electronics shows DVI, fiber hybrid matrix

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2022-08-31 10:00

  The new product launched by Liguo Electronics is VFT / A-1 * 3SVH

  It is such a product, it can convert SDI signal to HDMI signal and analog VGA signal, and it has image SCALE (scaling) function. At the same time, the input port supports the embedding of audio signals.

Beijing Liguo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

  VFT / A-1 * 3SVH official website:

  * Support 1 SDI, 1 analog stereo input;

  * Support 1 SDI loop-out, 1 analog VGA output and 1 HDMI signal output;

  * Support SMPTE standard that supports input SDI signal, the signal standard is up to 3GHz;

  * Support output VESA, CEA standards, the highest signal standard is 1600 × 1200 × 60Hz;

  * Support any output image resolution setting;

  * Support user-defined resolution settings for images;

  * Support image brightness and contrast adjustment;

  * Support image Aspect Ratio, still frame, frame tracking mode settings;

  * Support audio input source selection setting;

  * Support storage, recall and group name change of 8 preset groups;

  * Support signal input detection;

  * Support RS-232 communication, USB communication

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