After-sale service

Listen patiently to what customers say from beginning to end. If people hear the other party repeat the topic, they can not help but want to stop the other party, so they say "I know" and don't want the other party to continue. But please take these repeated words as an important part and listen to them patiently.
Hear the truth
In the process of talking with customers or understanding and discussing countermeasures, you should pay attention to listening, listen to the real intention of customers, and see what their dissatisfaction or complaints are. If the customer you meet may not express very well, or he may have some stutters in his speech, but you must be patient and let the customer speak out his problems and listen to the truth. It is important to say something that is inconvenient or dare not say.
Guide customers to take countermeasures
If there is no way to solve the vehicle problem, you can also ask the customer to help you figure out countermeasures. When you serve and care for customers with your heart, customers will thank you and give you greater and better feedback, so as to come up with good solutions to your troubles.
Establish enterprise image through service
In the market with increasingly serious product homogeneity, after-sales service, as a part of marketing, has become an important territory for manufacturers and merchants to compete for consumers' minds. Good after-sales service is a good promotion before the next sales, a main way for consumers' satisfaction and loyalty, and an important way to establish enterprise reputation and spread enterprise image.
After sales service is a requirement put forward by customers. The quality of the manufacturer or business will be in direct proportion to the satisfaction of customers. If the after-sales service is well done and the requirements put forward by customers can be met, the customer satisfaction will naturally be continuously improved; On the contrary, if the after-sales service is not well done or not done, the customer's satisfaction will be, or even extreme dissatisfaction will occur.
After customers are satisfied, they will usually continue to buy products they are satisfied with, and carry out public praise publicity and other positive ways to spread, which plays a strong and powerful role in improving the market share of products and the reputation of brands. If the customer is not satisfied with the service, the empirical research results show that 96% of the consumers will not complain about the service, but 90% of the dissatisfied consumers will not buy the company's products and services, or tell their experiences to at least 9 other people, and 13% of the consumers who have been dissatisfied will tell their experiences to more than 20 people.



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